Thursday, March 15, 2012

But God....

There are moments in my faith walk that stop me in my tracks.  It's the phrase "but God..."

We have been raising operating funds for the listener-supported ministry The House FM and My Praise FM for the last 7 days.  I am so thankful for the many pledges of support.  Many come with comments saying what God has done in their own life through the music.   

There have been some heart wrenching stories of marriages healed, illnesses, death, and threat of suicide.  Each comment was couched with how God met them in their crisis moments and gave them hope. is very powerful and a vehicle that God can use to meet us right where we are at and take us to His place of healing, hope and salvation. 

But what strikes me the most is the point of realization of who God is and how he reveals himself in our thoughts, our minds, our understanding.  That's what i call the "But God" moments.  This comment sent me to tears...
"I wasn't going to pledge this year since I'm so far behind in paying my prior pledges (I will make that right!). It has been quite a ride these last few years, so many ups and downs -- mostly downs. But God . . . . . is faithful to me and I need to learn to be that faithful. The House FM blesses me immeasurably! Thank you all for everything you do to put God's word on the airwaves!! God is good!"
In the "downs" of life God likes to reveal himself and in the "ups" of life God likes to reveal himself.  What I see in the "but God" is that God did reveal himself!  There was a point of realization and understanding that transformed thoughts.  God's Spirit reminded that trust was needed and that the tomorrows are taken care of.  He brought back a time of when He was there and didn't abandon.  He reminded that He fixed something broken.  He reminded that He alone is God.  That God will still be God at the end of the day, at the end of the pledge drive, at the end of the world and at the end of ourselves.  

Yes, "but God"...I love it when God reveals himself to me.  I love it when I learn more about God's faithfulness as my trust in Him deepens in life's ups and downs.  I love it when I see Him, especially in those "but God" moments.  Faith...pure and simple.

The other "but God" moment was noted in this comment....
 "We made an early bird pledge, but God has really been placing the children of Swaziland on my heart, so we've decided to be faithful and increase. Thanks for extending the Pledge Drive and giving me time to be obedient."
"But God"...stretched the pledge drive timeline to bring another pricked heart into obedience.  Yes, God also reveals his heart when we listen and invites us to engage in his work as He equips us.  Yes, "but God" gives us another chance to participate in His awe-inspiring work.....the rescue of His precious little ones living in darkness.    

Yes, "but God"...

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