Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dangerous Prayers

Surprise Me God
Some think this is a dangerous way to pray.  

There are times when I pray something and God returns His answers in ways I would have never expected.  It doesn't look the way I thought it would.  

I prayed for humility. I got a lesson where I learned it the harsh way.  

I pray for contentment in Christ. I am overwhelmed with earthly temptations. 

I prayed for the ability to love unconditionally. God puts me in the middle of chaos that would require me to use it over and over.  

I pray for God to be enough. I am put in the "desert" where He has to be.  

I pray for deeper and increased faith. I found myself in situations that required it.

I prayed for hope.  He gave me circumstances that built blind trust.  

Realizing God's answers are not my answers tempts me to stop praying for surprises.    

What I have gained in the chaotic-filled desert journeys have taught me more than I could ever learn if I had lived on easy street.  

Now...I crave those "But God" moments so that He would be revealed in my life.  

I pray dangerously because I find God's faithfulness something I can hope in.  

I find myself with a deep heart faith that may not always see Him working His best in my life, but I will be always looking.  And in whatever happens, I know He has answered with His best for my best.

Dangerous prayers help me become the person God wants.  

My best prayers are often the ones that the Holy Spirit interprets, filters, and presents to God.  He asks exactly what I need even if it’s not exactly what I want (Romans 8:27). It's more than what I could have imagined. 

God’s answers to our prayers should revive and surprise us.    
After all, He is the One who knows all and knows what he is doing.  
He’s been at this business of answering prayers for a long time.  

I challenge you to pray dangerously too.  Surprise us God.  Keep praying and trust that what you receive is exactly what you need, exactly what you ask for, exactly God's best.  

My knowing His answers isn't the point.  

Do you dare to pray dangerously?

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