Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Beauty

A Mother's Day Knockout!
I was given a great gift for Mother's Day this year.  
My kids found a list of honey-do's that I wrote several years ago.  

It was long list.  ~  It required some extra cash.  ~  It required extra time.

My kids love me so.  The gift was so simple.      
 They knew that I wouldn't make time for tasks on my honey-do list.  
They planted some flowers and made two new flower beds. 
 In this one gift.... they brought beauty back in.  

Beauty is now the first thing that greets me when I come home.    

When I look at it, beauty allows my escape from the troubles of the day and brings a smile to my heart.  God's beauty helps me to not take life so serious.  It brightens.

I am so proud of them for knowing how this gift would help and show love.  

Beauty has been unspoken for a while.  Oh how I crave more.

When God brings beauty into your life, embrace it.  
Isn't always simple and unexpected?  
It heals hurts more than you can imagine.  
Beauty revives my tired soul.  

Give beauty to someone who needs a smile.  
Their need for beauty is unspoken too.  
God's got plenty of beauty to give.
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