Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sorry, We're Closed


You've seen the Doritos chip commercial where a dog owner is tempting a dog with a Doritos nacho cheese chip.  The dog is salivating, he wants it real bad.  Motivated by his hunger (so we are led to believe) the dog starts running to get the chip.  There is one problem when the dog tries to retrieve the tasty chip.  Between him and his owner, there is one hurdle that stands between him and his consumption of the entire bag of chips.  It's very clear...very's a glass patio door.  He can taste the chip from inches away but the moment he face plants into the glass door, his hunger wanes...and he lays defeated only dreaming of the dangling temptation.  The door was closed on the opportunity to munch.  

I have to wonder if Paul spent anytime laying defeated at the closed door he encountered as he preached the gospel.  

Acts 16:7 "When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to."

Paul encountered a ministry closed door.  I know he had great motivations and intentions, but because it was not God's plan he was not allowed to enter. Do you wonder if Paul scratched his head...asking what?  Do you think doubt crept into his calling?  Was he disappointed?

The next verse tells us that Paul just passed by the closed door and went to his next stop.  The Bible makes it sound like it was no big deal, Paul didn't pause in his gospel-spreading-mission.  Was there a message on the town gate marquee that said "Paul and company, don't stop here!  Gospel not welcomed".  

When God closes doors in my life, I ask why.  In fact, I have spiraled into great turmoil because of some closed doors.  I don't want to miss any opportunities that God presents nor be caught in disobedience in direction.  So when a closed door slams in my face, and it was one that I thought had my name on the overhead marquee, then I confess, I have had some disappointments in their closing.  

Have you ever questioned God on an unforeseen slam?

I can say by faith when a door closes—God has a better plan in the slam. In my disappointment, I shall cling to that. I understand that His ways are higher than my ways; that His timing is perfect; and that He sees the end from the beginning. And I also know there’s no door He can’t open. So if it’s closed, I must trust that there’s a divine reason . . . even if I never know why.  

With a divinely-closed door...

I will..
deepen my trust. 
demonstrate submission to His authority.
deny something I love for something I love more.
develop obedience in waiting.  

discerns that I'm not ready to walk through it.  
displays a hidden purpose for His greater good.   
delays a greater later door to open.  

God's ways are higher than our ways. He does know the end from the beginning. When a door closes, it’s a mercy. Thank Him. He’s redirecting you elsewhere, and you can trust that it’s a better elsewhere.

Has God closed a door in your life lately? Have you gained any insight as to the reason? The next time my face plants into the next set of glass patio doors, I'll know that there is a higher reason as I pause and step back, licking my wounds.  There is a greater purpose and ours is not to question why.  Trust is key and I know my trusting Savior.  He has cleared my tomorrows for holy reasons all His own.  And friends is reason enough for me not to look twice at His slammed plans.  
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