Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Minute Friday {Encourage}

You've got mail!
Our words are very powerful and our tongues can either tame or tempt.  
It's one thing to say something nice about a person, 
it's another thing to say something nice to their face.  
Try it sometime.  Encourage someone.  

Encouragement can lift your attitude.  
It can brighten a heart, an inbox or text screen.
It wipes the cobwebs out of your mailbox.  
To be the most effective it has to be shared.  

"No encouragement is discouragement."

Encouragement breathes hope, breeds confidence and brews braveness.
Encouragement quietly whispers yet speaks loudly.

Encouragement can dispel despair, negate failures and divert depression.
It's a salve that can soothe an aching heart.

In courage you can build a trust bridge, 
foster a dream, find self-esteem, energize a soul, 
Encouragement revives, invigorates, rekindles, restores.
Encouragement is free and can be freely given.
Spend a little courage and encourage.

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