Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday {Keep Your Eyes Open}


Tucked into the lyrics of NEEDTOBREATHE's latest single Keep Your Eyes a challenge, a charge.  
"Cause if you never leave home, never let go

You'll never make it to the great unknown"

Discipleship is costly, and when we are called to follow God it's hard to just start some days.  Obedience is required, but worth it.  Most times we want all the pieces of the puzzle before we set out.  We want His big view of the end result.  We want to know all of the details.  It tends to hinder our start line and then we miss out on the opportunities that God has for us.

Sometimes we never leave home, we never go. 

There those that say when following God and doing his will makes one uncomfortable. Unless we keep our minds open to the work of God, unless we keep close to His wisdom to guide us every step, unless we are willing to step off into the brave new world that God has laid out for us, then how will we ever know?  

all it takes is "20-seconds of insane courage" 
to act upon what God has asked you to do.

Keep your eyes open for the chances that God gives to experience Him.  

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