Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's "National-Hop-On-It" Day!

2012 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Champion - Joey Chestnut
Joey Chestnut won the 2012 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship "Blowout". He said the hardest part of the contest was the eating the "first hot dog and the last." I guess once you get in the groove of cramming processed meat and soaked hot dog buns down your gullet
you don't notice how gross it is. Needless to say I could never participate in that contest.

He has won this championship six years in a row. There was a point in his life when he started.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but have never quite got around to it? Do you have half-finished projects from Pinterest sitting around calling your name?

I do too.
Let's see...There's that running plan I need to start.
A new diet plan on Monday, and every perpetual Monday after.
Writing that thank you note.
Making that adorable craft you found on Pinterest.
Printing those pictures stuck in your camera.
Encouraging someone.
Serving at church.
Finishing those ten books from last summer. too. All of it.

My reality is I have started all of these and want to complete all of these all at the same time. And you know what? I have failed.

I want to finish reading one book. Just one, because I have started ten.

I have a three writing projects circulating in my brain.  I need to get them out. I’ve been wanting to do that for months. I keep thinking, “I want to write that.”

I have Africa pictures on my camera still...from last October.

But my wanting something to happen and my actually making it happen are immensely seperated by my real chasm in the middle.

Starting is exciting to me. Casting vision is invigorating. It fuels.  But committing to start something and taking the first step drains me.  So.....why can't I start? 

Because....I don't want to stop.

I have found that it's impossible to get out of the rut of my already busy schedule and add something else. For me it’s hard to start something new, when I have so many unfinished tasks on the list.

So, instead of starting on my list, I just keep thinking about them. When I keep thinking about all the unfinished mind gets cluttered. I want to give up. I become overwhelmed, the list becomes complicated and then I shut down. I basically fall into the trap of "I just can't".

The end of my day arrives and I will see reminders of my failures in piles. On the couch, on my desk, on the floor, and I will go to bed thinking about how another day has rolled by without me getting started. can I turn this around? I am declaring this National-Hop-On-It-Day!

I am going to pick one thing I want to finish today. It's a small task like writing a thank you note. So...are you in?  Can you choose one thing you want to do and then do it? I’ll be here.

For larger projects, I will break them down into doable daily things so that I keep moving forward. All I need to do is commit to starting...something, is better than nothing.

So are you ready? Set? Go?

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