Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Polished Stones
Isaiah 49:2 "He made me into a polished arrow." 

This verse actually made me think about polished stones.  
When I think about how God polishes our faith, I'll admit that I have some rough edges.  
I keep them hidden but know that God is still working on some of the corners of my heart.  

There's a process of bringing beauty from stones.  
First a stone is cleaned and debris is removed.
Next grit sandpaper removes the imperfections and smooths.
The stone is dipped in water and grit sandpaper shapes.
The dip and sandpaper method is used until the designer approves of the result.
Repeat and repeat and repeat.
When done, the stone is polished with a cloth.

God knows how we fit in this life.  He knows our niche, He made it just for us.  
We must trust Him to shape, sand and polish as He sees fit.  

A polished stone has to endure much tumbling before beauty is seen.
It's the refining process that perfects us.  
Trust God to bring His work into completion.  
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