Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday - {Always}

Very rarely do I re-post a song for Music Monday, but the song "Always" is hitting repeat in my mind.  There are so many songs that are speaking to me right now, and this is one of them.

One valuable lesson that God has been teaching me as I prepared for my mission trip to Honduras and now..applying it again to life at home is the word "unchanging".  One other team member talked about her word for the trip was "satisfy".

I can see how God works these two words together in our life.  

Only...God satisfies...and He is unchanging.


When we have trouble surrounding us, when chaos abounds, when fear hits like an anvil in our hearts...

God is always there and He is the only person who satisfies.  He gives us peace in place of fear, he gives us strength in our dependency, He gives us rest in our trust.

These unchangeable truths go hand in hand, or work independently too as we journey through this life.

Our help comes from the Lord, He is our portion. God helps in good times and bad.  In sorrow and joy.  In peace and in war.  God satisfies and is always there for us.  He never leaves us alone to battle or wage war on our own.

Whatever you're facing....know that God knows...and He won't abandon you or leave you to figure things out by ourselves.  If we ask, He will help.  

And what I have always ...HIS answers are always better and satisfying.  Always.

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