Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure

I have been doing somethings for the first time...and it seems that I have crammed a lot into this year so far.

As the clock tick tocks...I still have a few things on my "firsts" list BUT I have scratched these off...I have seen at least 5 different waterfalls as I have visited different states.  I love waterfalls.  

Traveling to South Dakota with friends to attend LifeLight.  An awesome experience in the middle of a 200-acre cornfield with a bajillion bands...for free.  I saw my all-time favorite artist in concert...Leeland.  They can sing about garbage and it would be lovely.  I saw some new bands like One Sonic Society and Kari Jobe.  But have seen some others bring their awesomeness to the stage like Skillet, Leeland, and Remedy Drive.  David of Remedy Drive got a haircut and I almost didn't recognize him.  Watch out!

I have danced on stage with Mandisa and I never thought that would actually happen.  I always  imagined myself flat on my face.  That would have been embarrassing for sure.  And I am here to tell you that I survived.  Honestly, I am about as coordinated as a two-legged cow.

I have spent some time perfecting my mini-golf craft and kept a golf journal for each game.  It was a special time with girlfriends.  So is riding 10 hours in a borrowed van.  That time was spent either strengthening friendships or breaking them.  Riding an emu will do the same thing.  I'll let you guess what happened.

I have eaten some different foods like asparagus, gyros, plantains, funnel cakes, fried pies, Palisade peaches, and dark chocolate M & M's.  And there lies the beginnings of a new season of posts coming here...

With reckless abandon I have made more time with God, and have learned so much that when I think of it..it sends both chills up my spine and tears down my cheeks.  Each day I find His mercy.  Each day His grace is made perfect in my weakness.

The most adventurous season of my life is the one where my faith is growing.  it's an adventure of my choosing, one that requires me to guard my heart.  One that I have buckled myself in for the long-haul.  There is no "tuck-and-roll" plan when I get to Nebraska.  I am clinging to Jesus with my whole heart.

I am trying to make the most of every moment, not saving the best for later.

Choosing life in so many ways!  What has been your favorite adventure so far this year? 
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