Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guess What Happened Next?

It was a normal Sunday afternoon as my husband and I walked through the store.  I had been praying this idea through for months but I didn't know how to broach the subject.  So in my outside-only-voice, cranked to 11, I just blurted it out.  

"One day, I would like to sponsor a child with Mission of Mercy!"
Terry's response?  "I have wanted to do that too!"

Guess what happened next?

We hurried through the store, drove home, popped up our laptop and chose a child at the Mission of Mercy website.  It was that easy.  God had prepared both of our hearts to offer compassion to little Eskarlin, who lives in the Dominican Republic.  

Me & Eskarlin
Guess what happened next? 

God blessed me with an opportunity to go on a mission trip with Mission of Mercy to travel to the DR and and I had the pleasure of meeting Eskarlin.  You will not believe it when I tell you that this chic with the "outside" voice got real silent and overwhelmed with emotion.  With Mission of Mercy mission trips, you get to meet your sponsored.  It's one of the most incredible experiences ever.  

Guess what happened next?

Nhondudozo, me, and Nomphilo
God lead me to sponsor two more little precious girls in Swaziland, Nomphilo and Nhondudozo.  And then God opened the door for me to travel to Swaziland and feed them.  Again I got to meet them both and I got to share lunch with them.  One of the most humbling experiences ever.  God melted our hearts together and I pray for all my girls daily.  

Guess what happened next?  

This loud talker is praying for more opportunities to give the Mission of Mercy kids a voice.  You can make an eternal investment right now with your sponsorship and you can be a voice for a child too.  Your sponsorship speaks so loud into their lives, your support of $34 a month, spans the miles that separate.  But mostly God will increase your heart to make them a part of your loving family. 

Guess what happens next?  

Pray about how you can be involved with sponsorship with Mission of Mercy, and then act on what God has shown you.  I am praying for you and hope you will choose a child of your own!   

It's one way to live compassion.  It is that easy.  One.Child.Matters.

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