Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Mania - My Clean House, Spiders & Possums

This is not my house, thank goodness!
This weekend I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish.  I got half them done.  Then I shut down and said..."that's it!"  I wish cared more about keeping my home clean.  I used to.

Not that I live in a pit or anything but I could use some help here, as there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all.  Don't get me wrong, my wonderful hubs does what he can to keep my house "spotless".  There are just so many hours in a day.  This might seem like complaining to you, but I am just stating a fact.  So reading between the lines, I guess you could say that I have dropped the priority of having a spotless house and keeping constant vigilance in the fight on grime.  There are other things right now that are more important.  I am trying not to care about that.

What's important to me:  Relationships and writing.  And writing about both of those.

"Take the sun, take the moon, everything is under your control, the earth on which is moves..." God has been teaching me that He is into my tomorrows, my dreams, my daily things.  But first I must dedicate my day to Him.  I make time for meeting with God to see what He has to say about my life, as you should too.  Your day goes waaay better when you do.  God is teaching me to carry Him through each day-part.  Sometimes easy, sometimes not.  I can remember the time when I didn't.  I am not who I was.

I opened my blog up for your topics and Levi Taylor was the first to respond to it.  His request was about purity.  Levi, I hope you read my thoughts tomorrow.

There will be other topics discussed, but mostly I just want to keep you guessing as to what they are.  If you have any ideas then please leave a comment.  I can try but I am not an ultimate authority on anything remember that.  Also remember that I am the funny one.  Always.

I still have some thoughts about my trip to Honduras, what it was like to meet another sponsor's child.  That was amazing.  Oh little Christian!  Would you like to hear more?

The other night there was a huge spider that was crawling up my bedroom wall.  I had a little meltdown.  I don't normally do over spiders but this one was a mini-tarantula.  And I had to rescue myself, everyone else was asleep.  At least it wasn't a mouse, or rat or something larger like a possum in my house.  At least.  That happened to my daughter once.  She was sleeping, and a giant possum jumped right in the middle of her.  Talk about a nightmare!  She was living in the Possum Palace at the time.  Still one of the funniest stories I have ever told on the radio.

Because I haven't been focusing on my cleaning my house, God has been cleaning my spiritual house so to speak by continuing to teach me more about living this life as a forgiven child.  That's worth putting my dusting rag down.  Some days, it's a show stopper with lots of tears.  Again I value relationships and it's worth spending time with the One who loves me deeply.

And did you know that Monday's post is always the lowest in numbers?  I am trying not to care.

What are you trying not to care about?
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