Thursday, October 25, 2012

Next Time I Go To Honduras I Want Some Ice Cream

Ice cream bar regret
While in Honduras, the team took an afternoon to walk the streets of downtown Choluteca.  I like walking their streets, experiencing how they live, seeing life in the middle of the day.  We had stopped by a local mom and pop restaurant for a much needed bathroom break.  I stayed outside and watched our trip leader skip rocks across the water.  It wasn't long before the competition grew to three kids and two adults on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

As I watched the skipping rocks competition, two boat drivers sped towards us, making waves from the opposite shoreline.  They didn't miss their opportunity to ask the Americans if we wanted a ride.  They hurried to ask too, as their boats cut a deep giant "V" into the water, causing waves that lapped at the feet of those skipping rocks.  There were no boat-floating takers on that day.  

It was about time to go, the buses where waiting, and here comes Mr. Ice Cream Guy, selling his cold wares.  Ashamedly, I thought "him too"?   What I didn't see at the time was he was just a dad, taking opportunities to support his family.  Several of the team members bought ice cream after getting the go ahead from our trip leader.  Mr. Ice Cream Guy had many varieties that he offered from his awkwardly heavy freezer box attached to a specially made bicycle.  He was just peddling his wares like the boatmen.  Who doesn't love ice cream on hot Honduran day??  

But this "snap-insanely-blind-Chica" missed it.  I missed my opportunity to love that man like Jesus loves.  He wasn't an opportunist he was a survivalist.  He was doing what he needed to do to take care of himself and his family.  He was making a living at what he knew to provide for his family.  Even if that includes loading up an old rickety bicycle with a freezer box on the front, buying small treats of cold sweetness and pedal the streets in hopes you can sell a few that day.  

What joy he must have had when he saw a group of Americans.  He must of thought..."Thank you God, it's going to be a good day!"  If everyone would have bought an ice cream bar, it would have made his whole week!  I had the opportunity but was distracted in how hot I was that day.

Why am I telling you this?  This was one hard mission trip lesson learned.  If I could, I would go back and buy them all.  And I tell Mr. Ice Cream guy to keep the change.  Don't miss the love opportunities that God brings you in simple sweet treats peddling down the middle of your street.  

"If we want to live like Jesus lived, we have to love like Jesus loved."
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