Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I Blog - No Apologies

To bring God's groundbreaking and revolutionary work to my life.

I write for an audience of One, not for the numbers.

I write because God has given me many words, this is a good outlet.

God has given me many serious thoughts, deep stuff about what I read.

But please know this...

I am not better at this than you.

Maybe it's to dispel my own doubt?

To bring Light to my why's....

To bring to light God's truth. 

To bring goodness to your inbox (insert hilarious laughter here).

I write my thoughts and sometimes it results in a cacophonic ( love using this word) collisions of words and emotions that would encourage your walk of  faith.

But I also blog because the words that I write are the very ones I need read myself.  

That's why.  (No apologies).
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