Friday, January 18, 2013

I Dare You To

Hey, You… Pssst...over here.

I am the little voice of your little heart that is dry and brittle.  The part of your heart that is whispering....shhhhh!  

I know what you've been thinking .....that awful defeating 
"it will never happen to me" .  
Yeah...that's exactly what I thought.

Am I am the only one....that feels like starting
the New Year over again?

Oh discouragement, how I want to swat you away like a pesky mosquito. 

Are you wanting to give up those resolutions you made just a few days ago? it comes.....

                                                  lean in and let me whisper this hard truth... 

The riskiest thing is not to dream. 
The only way you will fail is to do nothing– 
and that’s the biggest failure of all… 

 What have you got to lose... except the possibility of your dream become a reality?

The only way to avoid being hurt is to never love– 

and you risk being alone where your hearts hurts the deepest.  

The things that help us feel safe are the same ones that can put us at greatest risk. 

The things we clutch... 
the close-to-our-heart things.

You are braver, stronger, more capable than you know. 

And the God you serve is greater than you’ve yet experienced. 

Dream, yes, you....out there.....reading this right 

Dream today. Dream tomorrow. 

Dream until you can't dream another dream, then starting living them.

It's possible. 
Except when you don't try or try again.

And when you discover that you’ve done what matters most–you’ve really lived. 

Discover God's possible, God's possiblities.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.  C.S.Lewis

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