Friday, January 4, 2013

Your New Year Approach

One challenge of an airline pilot is what my son-in-law calls "the approach". The pilot's skills in flying, guiding, lining up the craft on the landing strip is felt by all who travel.  The the actual touchdown of the wheels on the runway need to be as smooth as possible.  As travelers we want that!  As pilots, they want to hit the mark every time. 

The force in which they have to come to a halting stop, with so many pounds of momentum is really beyond me.  I just appreciate their efforts in getting passengers on the ground safely. They know the best way to approach, the best way to go about the safe landings. And those safe landings bring us closer to adventure or to home. 

The new year is here, upon us in full force. Did you make any goals you had set for yourself?

Right around the corner from the start of this new year is opportunity. The chance to start over or again.   What do you need to get your life back on track?  What do you need to approach this new year to be successful in your goals?

For me it's just making each day God's brand new day. Remembering God's faithfulness and fullness at the start of it and then taking God tucked into the rest of my day's approach. 

God's approach for the end of my day starts with 
my letting Him control  the beginning of my day.

I don't know what is around my corners of the new year. Most days I can't see my runways. Only God can.  So with the first part of my day, I have to give him have access to my heart's instruments and gauges to let Him guide me in His best approach.

All you control freaks out there....can I get an Amen?  I can't do this once.  I have to daily surrender under the wheels of God's grace and favor. It's His grace and favor that has set my course, by His divine design.  He knows where this soul's plane is approaching, He's got this flight plan all lined out.

Do you hear His voice calling your approach?  
"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me" John 10:14

God wants to journey you through this year, through this day, through His changes, His best flight plans and diversions.  He wants to taxi you down his runway with His best approach to experience His best, in this new year.  
His grace is enough for your journey. His favor rests on your heart. 

This journey of approaching home is just that. His journey for you.  This is your journey of faith that brings His change in the seasons, change through growth, and change of action of  heart.  Let God's approach be your day.  Let God approach your day.   

Let God...approach.

Let God bring you to His place of grace.  
His approach for the end of your day starts with 
letting Him control the beginning.    

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