Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time to Get My Hands Dirty

My God sized dream has burned a hole in my heart.  

I describe it like this...when you are at the end of your dreams, you have to give them up, and lay them neatly in a journal... and I have given them to God.  

I have a dream of writing a book.   Maybe two of them.  As if one was even possible. 

It's hard for me to assimilate.  The thought of writing just one overwhelms me.  
Just one comprehensive and cohesive chapter would be a dream.  

Is writing God's dream or mine?  
You tell me...    
There are days I don't feel like sharing my story, 
and then...
I think of her.

I think of the person I used to be, and how I am becoming.  
I think... if it helps....helps just one.  And ...if she is like me ...and we can grab hands
and we can discover God's heart together.  Then...that thought makes me want to share. 
Then I become strong in this weak frame.
The words start to flow.  
So can we become together?  

Those are the days when I think sharing my story would be so easy.  

I often look at the blank pages
 with my clutter-filled heart churning.
Just like a revolving door...
ushering in new thoughts and ushering out excuses, so many thoughts.
Is there a promise here in this journey?

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed the post that mentioned a "burning bush moment" one day.

That morning, The Greatest Story Teller asked me, 
"Are you ready to get your hands dirty?  
Will you write your story?  
I want to write it on your heart."

Blink....Blink.  Yes, Jesus, yes. Tears. Blink....Blink.

I pray "the end" result will be filled with hope, just like dirty hands above.  
That would be a God-sized dream come true.

What is God asking you to do in 2013?  I would love to know.
Will you come along too?

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