Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Salad Success in Eight Layers

If I can do one thing to help myself in my journey to eat right, that is to learn how to build a great salad.  Why is this important...?   Because I eat a lot of vegetables.  The key to salad success every meal, every day, and with every salad , is how fresh and green it is.

Watch how I do it.

Salad success in eight layers.  

Now watch it again and take notes.  (insert smiley face here)

Now make your shopping list.  And watch it again to make sure you got all the fresh layers for a successful salad.

Please watch it again to make sure you got it all right.  I added a layer of goodness that you might want to avoid.

And if you watch it again just for fun,you will understand how important this really is to me.

Turn the beet around!

You're welcome!
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