Thursday, July 25, 2013

One funny and inspiring writer

Jenn Derrick, Jennifer Vaughan, Liz Curtis Higgs & Me!

She is funny, engaging and makes God's Word come alive and plant deeply into our hearts.   She's Liz Curtis Higgs, author and well known redeemed bad girl.

She knows a lot about bad girls.  She has studied them and written about them but has also lived to tell a tale or two.  She doesn't boast about her past though.  Her face glows as she lives her identity in Christ.

In her Bad Girls of the Bible series she gives a perspective that's personal, relevant, inspiring and digs deep into the lives of women who were shunned, rejected and cast aside in the Bible.  She gives hope for all of us who have walked a not so pretty past with the hope of change and God's redemption.

Isn't that we all need?  A little hope to get past our past?

She illuminates the truth in the Bible in such a way you read your own name in the lines of Scripture and see the good news that God has waiting for each of us within the lives of those redeemed women she writes about.

Her stories of redemption are moving with some light perspectives sprinkled in for a little joy.  And she reminds us that we are never out reach from a Holy God who is waiting to love and accept us bad girls in ways the world never could or would.

Bottom line is this truth...God knows where we've been, where we are going, who we've been with, what we've done, what we haven't done and guess what....He loves us anyway.

That's hope my friends.  Thank you Liz for making the Bad Girls of Bible so compelling.  Thank you for letting God write through you.  Thank you for sharing God's truths with those of us who want to get past our past and receive His healing.

Thank you for loving, giving and teaching.  It was a pleasure to meet you!

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