Friday, August 16, 2013

I could think of worse things

Photo by Nathan Borror
My first big decision on this Friday is not if but how much.  

I am talking about coffee and the amount I will intake first thing on any given day.  Perhaps, it's my inspirational compliment to my one on one time with Jesus.  

Coffee and I...we have a good relationship.  We have been great friends for a long time.  And been there for each other in our deepest and most needy times.  My coffee mug longs for me to grip it's hot brimming and steaming beverage.  I accept it a gift.

Does that help you feel better about my addiction?  

Let's be honest...shouldn't coffee be the first decision of each and every day?  I'll never forget the sage words of my husband years ago who was encouraging my very early morning routine, "Try drinking coffee it will improve your life."  

I was young and didn't know coffee power at that time.

I do now.  And guess what....

He was right!

I guess you could call me an addict.  I could think of worse things.  I have checked with Jesus and He's cool that I like it so much.  It's not a problem yet.

So I like coffee.  A lot. with your hand on my mug, just back away slowly and no one will get hurt.
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