Thursday, February 6, 2014

What you should say to her dreams

Do you know you have the power of speaking life into her dreams?

Look up and how many "hers" do you see?  Count them.

Now go over to them, touch them, and say..."I believe in your dreams too."

That's it.

You will speak life and hope ...seriously.

She has dreams of being a great wife, and a woman of God.

She has dreams of being a great daughter of the King now.

She has dreams of adopting, nurturing, and growing.

She has dreams of being somebody someday just like you.

She has dreams.

Believe in her for just dreaming.

Cheer her on.  It means so much.  Just once speak"You can do it!" cheer into her.

She wants to be skinny, the best, the most awesome dreamer you know...

How do I know??...because I am her.

I've been stuck in her dreams.  We need your life giving words to propel us forward.

Her dreams need you.  They matter to her.

Words matter to her dreams.  Give life to them.

Stand back and watch her grow.
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