Friday, February 14, 2014

What you shouldn't say to a single heart

The alone on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love.  And yes, I agree, it's very commercialized.

I have to wonder if it must pain the "single" hearts who dread this day.

Here's what they don't need...

The awkward social situations and conversations, the third-wheel-date or invitations.

They don't need to be matched up with your single cousin.

They don't need your pity.

They don't need to be treated like they have a disease, or shunned like they are incurable.

They don't need to be reassured that Mr. or Mrs. Right is right around the corner.

They don't need their singleness pointed out or joked about.

Unless you have walked in their shoes you don't know how lonely they are.

What they do need is to be loved just like they are...single.  Love them in their loneliness.  Love like you would like to be loved if you were alone on a day that makes a big deal about loving a special someone.

Love never fails to give life, so love the next someone special.

P.S.  What I say is "I am so proud of your stand for purity, and for godly standards in relationships.  Let's go eat some cake."

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