Monday, May 26, 2014

My fear was frozen until I let it go

Me and my flying friend, Jenny.

I was so excited to spend the girl’s weekend with her.  I had missed her since she moved miles away to another state, and it had been months since we really talked.  We wanted to make a new memory to continue our faithful friendship.  I landed on her doorstep full of giggles and grins.  We stayed up late into the night swapping stories and sharing tears.

Saturday was packed with laughter and cupcakes plus shopping at quaint corners, lattes and an adventurous zip-lining trip.  I wasn't sure about the last event but she reassured me there was no need to worry.  I had to trust her word to let go of the anxiety that secretly gripped my heart.

I’m a little afraid of heights but more afraid of letting go.

Ever had one of those girlfriends that when you haven’t talked to her months you can pick up right where you left off?  On the next day, she set out to make my fear disappear.  “You will love this.”  I wanted to be brave… for her and for me.

God spoke the moment I started to let go of my anxious questions.

On our way to the top of the course, He said, “Stay the course, hold tight.”  
When we were harnessed and tethered by our guide, “I am your Guide.”  
When my tension mounted and I sensed apprehension from the other first time zippers, “Just let go.” 

“Be strong, hold on, I am here, let go.”

The first run of the course, my dear brave friend went before me, showing me her fearless smile.  Then it was my turn to be brave.  As my feet were over the edge, I looked down, and gulped hard.  I imagined jumping off a ledge to a great fall but in reality I only had to sit back into the harness.  

I just had to lean on the harness, trust in the hold, and let go of my fear.  I flew like a bird.  

“Be strong, hold on, I am here, let go.  Trust Me, see my freedom on the fly."  I landed safely to the next platform in the course and my heart filled with assurance and exuberance as I let out a just a little scream of victory!  My fear was gone!  I trusted the harness.

We indeed made a brave memory as I replaced my fear with my trust in the harness.

So it is in our spiritual journey, we must trust God, and let His grace and love hold us.  Our Guide desires our complete trust and dependence.  We have to let go of our fears and have faith in His promises.  As we let go, we will fly on His mercy that maps our course, soaring strong and confident, trusting in our harness of Hope.

Joshua 1:9  "This is my command - be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."  

I am trusting in His hold on my heart, my hope, my future, and my today.  He holds my world in His hands.
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