Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's puzzling picture

It's comforting to know that even the relatives of Jesus had questions and doubts.

In the perfect world, doubt and faith would not hold hands.  But we don't live in the perfect world.  And many days our doubts suffocate our faith.  We need fresh hope to cling to.

So did John, the Baptist.  I find great comfort that even he, who had walked with the Messiah, seen the outreach of Jesus' ministry, even witnessed Him heal the sick and blind, had questions about Jesus.  From his view behind bars, it was a puzzling situation.  

He doubted Jesus. He asked Him are you the "One" while he was in prison.

That comforts me in some strange way.  When he asked this question and sent it to Jesus, he was behind bars.  From his perspective, I wonder if he just needed a little reassurance that Jesus hadn't forgotten him.  

We all have doubts that we deal with.  On some days it's some days it's hard to quiet the questions.  

I learned to leverage doubt to the point of ignoring them and keep them at arms length.  Doubt only lulls my faith into a case of the Monday blues.  And my heart sinks a little to think that God would disappoint.

Doubt contradicts my faith, and I have to guard my heart and mind from anything choking my faith.
God can't disappoint us because it contradicts His character of faith, hope and love. 

People disappoint, but God never will. 

There are certainly situations we face that throw some hard hitting hurts our way.  I try to look at the bright side of those situations.  But it is hard when it's cancer and it side effects.  We have traveled through that storm a couple of times, and we have lived to tell about it.  God is faithful to never leave us in our storms alone.

I look for God in the middle of chronic pain.  He's there holding our hands on the hard days and provides rest and medicine that helps.  God is faithful to never leave us in our pain parties either.

I look for God in the sad and happy times of celebrating life moments when someone meets Jesus before us.  Their bodies have been restored to wholeness now.  That's certainly praiseworthy.

It's hard to see God's plan in tough life-altering situations from the lens of death, cancer and pain.  But there are reasons, and many times there is a bigger purpose than what is seen from a hurting perspective.

I am so thankful that God's sovereignty doesn't depend on my life circumstances because if there is anyone who DOES know what He is's God.

He has proven that I can trust Him with His faithfulness through ALL my days.  I just love Him for who He is and that He sticks with me when the going gets tough.

I couldn't do life on my own and so glad God planned that in advance.  

“Our faith is in God and not the outcome we want.”-Craig Groeschel

It is well with my soul.  

How has God used pain for your benefit?

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