Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inching up to turtle lovers

Hello turtle lovers, I am inching up on an important celebration.  I thought I would get here sooner but then I realized something...

...dreams progress at a turtle's pace.  That's an inside joke for Alexa Bratcher & Mary Waters.  Ladies, I can hear you laughing out loud at this...admit it!

Speaking of hearing, I hear the Voice.  Specifically, God's, who by the way, is directing this writing gig.  It's in the lonely days that He is refining His Voice and shaping mine.  There are days I don't feel the milestones for the stones that I am asked to pick up along the way.  Or for the ones I willingly pick up along my own way.

Either way, I feel the weight of expressing a voice most days.  When life gets heavy I want to run away...don't you?

I wrestle with time to be here consistently.  Do you wrestle with time at all?  I am being taught that everything is meaningless, if you are doing it for approval.  I am learning everything has meaning and matters if it's "unto the Lord"  Check out 1 Corinthians 15:58.

I just wrestle with a lot of things, so in my meaningful time with God, I am learning.  Always a student with child-like faith.  Like the prodigal running for waiting Father, with arms open wide.  Waiting for me.

Speaking of faith, did you know that I am doing just that?  Living by the faith in the God I know instead of giving power to my problems, I cling to the knowledge of God who is.  Period.  Faith at it's finest.

That is what faith is, what my eyes don't see, but what my heart hopes for and is evidenced in my life.  His love is evidenced in me, and through me and on a daily basis my faith is being exercised and refined.

I read a striking thought yesterday.  Here's my takeaway:  "God will only give you what He can give through you." - Janelle Keith  (Someone needs to tweet this, hint tag me @thejanellekeith)

And on this quote and note, I will leave you to ponder on this day, Thursday's Red Thread thought-provoking post .

Hugs and tugs.

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