Thursday, August 7, 2014

The science behind building rockets!

Did you know that I am a rocket scientist?  It's true, did you know that every domestic engineer knows how?  It's a strategy that I have recently uncovered.

Everyday, well...almost, I am faced with this problem.

Every day I have the choice to build a rocket.  Every day I get to practice how build a rocket.   Everyday I practice building.  Every day I practice what I know about building my rocket.

I practice rocket building.  I practice dreaming.

Dreaming is not rocket science.  Neither is replacing an empty toilet paper roll.  Dreaming takes practice.  Every day you get to practice your dreams.

So just dream.  Practice building.  Practice your start, building your why.

Then, when God says it's time, let Him push launch.  Let Him start your "go" button.

Watch your dreams soar.

Do the next thing.  Build your dreams, practice what you know.  Believe in what you know about God over what you can do on your own.  He will make your dreams soar.

Just ask your Dream-Weaver how to build.  Then do the next thing.  Start building and practicing every chance you get.

You will be come a rocket scientist too.  I've always wanted to build rockets.  It's a brilliant strategy!

How about you?
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