Friday, September 19, 2014

Finding healing in the hope

Disasters happen. Life is full of them. It shouldn't surprise us, but yet, it does each and every time. Diagnosis, death, and devastation strike. We strive to just catch our breath.
Shouldn't we be better prepared given our technological edge with predictions and warnings?  No matter what, it ushers in a certain undoing in our lives.

Truth is death is just a breath away for all of us. Our own mortality reminds us that our lives are but a wisp.  Many days we brush closer with it than others. The tick-tock of our own heartbeat brevity, reminds us of our starting and stopping. 

The cycle of life.  It's easy to wax poetic on those days, thinking we matter, yet missing the very thing that does.

You might ask why it's happening to you.  You might cry out in the middle of your pain, and miss your healing.  Oh if only I could tell you a few stories. God has each of our stories written specifically for us. Like He was only writing one. 


When life strikes with sadness, when sorrow shapes your faith, when tears fall like a waterfall, think about this...

We don't have the answer to what our lives require. That's God's job.

This week my little grandchild's life came close as he was gasping for air. That one fact, left us all gasping for hope. That's a hard place as a family. I personally have held hands with sadness, death, and sorrow. We deal, we hurt, we have pain.

Life is a great teacher. Compassion is the calling of God on our lives to make a difference in the middle of hurt, pain, loss, and death. We can point people to Jesus by shining a light of hope upon those who are looking for the only answer to make sense in the chaos of life.

God's healing of our lives comes in many forms and He longs to give us compassion. He longs...for us to know Him through the compassion of what it takes to bring us closer to Him.

This week I learned how to have peace in a new way. It was a piece in the perfecting of a personal and peaceful storm. I had hope in the face of loss, I had trust in the face of compassion, I had a deep love that moved my life, God healed a sore place, a place once filled with death.

His healing in hope is worth sharing.  God healed my hope. Isn't that just like God to get us through our own crisis moments when we do something for someone else?

"So the LORD must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help." –Isaiah 30:18
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