Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 1 in the DR

I don't know where to start actually because what I am feeling right now is so overwhelming. These tears are good tears. Not really sure why I am crying except I have soooo many emotions flowing through me right now.

Today's activities were great and painful. I saw hope, I saw depravity. I saw the difference that Mission of Mercy is making in the lives of children. I saw Jesus. We visited two Mission of Mercy Child Development Centers. Upon arriving we saw work in progress inside the building and out. They have a really nice facility where offering programs for the children who live nearby. They offer them the gospel, counseling, food, companionship. Before I came here, I didn't know the living conditions of the people here. I do now.

Think of the worst living areas you have ever seen. It's worst than that. Think about the most broken of relationships, that's here. How about not having an income or a job, or going to work, doing a full days work and then wondering if you will get paid for the day and also not know if you are going to eat today. That's what people are dealing with here. It's a blessing that they don't know what kind of life is just across the sea. They are just doing life.

Not to far from here, there is a land flowing with milk and honey, literally. When I saw a slice of life from the people here, God broke my heart. It was hard to take as I now wipe away a tear. It pains me to see it. I really don't know how else to say it. I am so blessed that I am blind. It's easy to turn your head and not look. Dear God, may I always keep this picture fresh in my mind.

But the good news is that I saw hope today. Mission of Mercy is doing a phenominal job in meeting the needs of the children here. But there's more. There are people who love and care deeply for the children, their families, their future. By sponsoring a child, you really are bringing life.

Today I basically played all day. We were told there were some work projects that could be done. And they did get done, but we had the option to make relationships with the kids from the community. Guess what I did? I played of course. We played ball, tag, an intense game of Red Light, Green Light. Kids are serious about playing. But more than that, we showed them that someone cared about them. That's what they are looking for. It makes me sad that they crave it so much.

If it wasn't for Mission of Mercy, where would they go? The alternative is not pretty. We also so the inner workings of a center where we were shown the accountability process of the children that come. This is no fly by night operation here. If you want to get involved with people who's passion is people, then Mission of Mercy should be your pick. The dollars that are sent to support goes towards just that, supporting a child in their needs, whatever the needs. Most of all though, MOM shows the love of Christ.

The impact of the MOM is far reaching and is making a huge difference. No doubt. But that's not all. We need more people to join in the effort. I was told today that there are 40,000 kids that are sponsored with MOM. That's great, but there are 8,000 still needing a sponosor. I have done my part, what about you? Take my word for it, your support is needed. You can get more information or sponosor a child here.
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