Friday, June 25, 2010

The Poor Among Us

Today was a good day of work at the MOM center. We really got our hands and shoes dirty with painting, sanding, making cement from scratch, etc. It was hot, everyone was sweaty, and tired. It was good tired. Side note: Andy is now being judged by the amount of work he does, by the amount of sweat his shirt captures.

We also got to meet our sponsored child. You can see the pictures here. That was really cool. Words are few here as that was a humbling experience to know we are actually making a difference in their lives.

And then we did some home visits to see the slice of life of those who come to the center. I saw poverty face to face. My heart broke AGAIN for those families. They have nothing, at least, in the worlds standards. I was in tears in again today with the conviction that I have so much. But then, what do I really have? I have stuff, things, junk. That's a whole other blog.

Today...when we visited these homes, what I saw was happiness, community, pride. My heart was breaking on the inside but they don't know the difference. So I have to wonder "who is the poor among us". Matt 26:11 says, "For ye have the poor always with you." Let that one sink in a bit. I am looking at the the outside, and their living conditions and what shines is their attitudes, their joy. Wow...maybe I am the one who is poor.
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