Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be a Hero

Today Mitch and Char Hildebrant are on a plane, with one way tickets to go to far away lands, Swaziland in Africa. They left full time jobs to follow God, to serve as full time missionaries for Children's Cup. I have read about people doing this, and I am impressed with this couple. They are following their dreams, God's dream for them. It seems as if they have it all worked out.

I know there were a lot of tears, questions, conversations with each other and with God over this decision. I also know there were obstacles that presented themselves, put right in the middle of their path, to try to trip them up, make them doubt they are doing the right thing, doing God's thing. They are heroes in my eyes. Giving it all up but they have so much to gain.

They have a unquenchable passion for God and want to make a difference, they know the difference. They have seen the hurting, the lost, they get "it". I want to know that I am in the center of God's will, doing what he has called me to do, see the hurting and the lost and be a hero to them. I can't go to Africa and live as a full time missionary but I will be supporting them as they go. I can see the hurting and the lost here, in my life, in my community, in little circle of day to day activities.

Maybe I get "it" after all. How about you?
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