Friday, December 10, 2010

Lessons from the Cat

I am a cat owner. It's ok if you stop reading right now. I understand. But this morning God used the cat to remind me, teach me a lesson....again.

When Macon is hungry his behavior is annoying to me (that's the way I interpret it). He lets me know about it. He rubs his head against my shins. Lightly at first, then after five minutes of me ignoring him, or gently moving him aside, he presses in. He can rub on my ankles so hard that I about fall over. I am not exaggerating. He can and will, in an effort to get that next morsel of cat chow. And he won't let up until I give him some more food or check his bowl. He persists in getting my attention.

God used Macon's behavior to remind me to persist in seeking Him. Not just to lean in but to PRESS IN as if I am a cat and need one more morsel of food. Yeah, I just went there. It's not that I want to be like a cat at all, but I DO want to keep my focus on God. He is the answer to all my prayers, my struggles, my problems, my needs. Yours too.

What does that mean when I say God is the answer? It means He knows, He listens, He answers, He solves, He saves, He never changes. And if His answer is delayed on whatever it is that I am bringing to Him at the moment, that's ok. In the seeking process, I get to learn more about who He is, what He means to me, and see Him work in my everyday life. The point is that I seek Him, that my focus stays on Him, and that I am persistent.(Matt. 6:33).

More coming about a cat. What has God used to teach you more about Him?
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