Sunday, March 27, 2011

What if the Sun Sets?

With this weekends message, Furtick addresses the "what if God doesn't answer our Sun Stand Still prayer"? What if He is silent towards our impossible needs in life? Yes, we believe that God answers prayers BUT what about when He allows the "sun to set" on your request? If you have read the book you know what I am talking about. This is the chapter that was the most impacting of all for me. You can hear the entire message here.

The question of "why bother?" Mark 5:35 - 43 brings the death story of the daughter of Jairus, the synagogue ruler. "Your daughter is dead," they said, "Why bother the teacher any more? " This news was a crushing blow to Jairus. Talk about a voice of the enemy, loud and proud with "why bother?". I love Jesus' response. He ignores, He doesn't acknowledge the doubt. He doesn't even give it the "the time of day." He turns to Jairus, and I have to believe that Jesus looked him straight in the eye, and said "look at me!" with his eyes. Now that is my own interpretation, but at a moment like this, it was a turning point moment-in-time. Jesus was about to make a point as everyone was watching to see what was going to happen next. Doubt is so heavy in the minds of those who knew what had just happened, that Jesus would have to make sure that he had the rapt attention of the one to whom He was speaking to. If that were me, I would have expected Jesus to grab me by the shirt and get all up in my face, and calm me with His strong, still words. My eyes would be locked on to His. I would want to catch every word. I would be hanging on every syllable.

Put doubt in it's place. "Don't be afraid, just believe!" That is what Jesus said to Jairus. Here's another observation. Wouldn't you bet it got really quiet at that moment, when the two men had eye lock on each other, when Jesus was about to make His most anticipated response? word put doubt in it's place. Believe. Now Jairus had to put all of his dad questions, his man emotions and tears aside. In a one-word action, he believed. He had to push past the naysayers, cast aside the doubters, and follow the one who was giving the directions. I love the next sentence, "He did not let anyone follow except Peter, James and John the brother of James." doubters weren't invited.

Jesus arrives just in time. When he arrives at the house, surrounded by mourners, there was quite a loud commotion. People were visibly upset and crushed with death. Jesus declares, "Why the commotion and wailing? The child is not dead, but asleep." They laugh. Wait...from their point of view, they see this man saying she is not dead. But they know....they had just watched her take her last breath. Their doubt is understandable. But what they don't know is....that Jesus already knows that. Her death is no surprise to Him. And they laugh at him like He is some kind of crazy lunatic.

Make room for belief . "After he put them out..." the doubters are outside of the house. Now Jesus gets to the business at hand. He gathers his disciples, the girls parents, and touched the child's hand. (Notice story after healing story, Jesus' touch is involved.) He speaks, and tells her to get up. She does, she is alive. She walks, she talks, she dances. (The bible says she's twelve years old. What twelve year old girl doesn't dance when she has an audience?) That's when I my tears would flow. A miracle had just happened. Their belief in Jesus' power was a part of her healing, her walking, her talking, her dancing. Jesus surrounded himself with those who had the faith in Him. Jesus made room for belief. Pure simple faith.

So where does this story leave you? When you are crushed, crippled with the worlds doubts, you need to have selective hearing when it comes to doubts about bothering the Father with your needs. Hear this....He loves you, and He already knows what your needs are. Don't you see??? He is waiting for you to lock eyes with Him, and make room in your heart and mind for belief and have pure simple faith in Him. Nothing is too big for God! Nothing catches Him off guard! Jesus doesn't have any "ah-ha!" moments! Don't stop believing that God can, when God doesn't! Hold on to your faith and believe!

Believing is putting doubts out. Jesus requires faith for those Sun Stand Still moments, plain simple no-room-for-doubt-faith. Jesus doesn't see "death", He sees an opportunity. Don't measure your life against your circumstances but against who God is. Remember, God is the I AM. He's got this one! Trust & believe!

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