Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Love

I could come up with a thousand captions for this photo, but there is one word that embraces it all. Baby-love.

Natalie - "Goodness mommy, you didn't tell me about those blue eyes. They are melting my heart right now."

Avery - "I wasn't prepared for that bow, I should have wore my baby tails."

Natalie - "Mommy, you said he was going to have more hair."

Avery - "Who cares about burgers, I'll just have this knuckle sandwich."

Natalie - "Wow..they grow them big in Colorado."

Avery - "Puny Oklahoma girls."

Natalie - "I'm still waiting for him to say something nice about my attractive bow."

Avery - "I'm so nervous, I just put my fist in my mouth. I wanted to put my foot in there, but couldn't reach that."

Natalie - "Do you think we are too young to date?"

Avery - "I hear stripes are in this year at Baby Navy."

Natalie -"Ok Mommy, you were right, boys ARE dumb."

Avery - "Someone said the 'ice cream' word, that is the only reason I showed up."

Your caption?

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