Monday, May 16, 2011

Only In My Dreams

Lately I have been assuming that my prayers about my dream would never come true. I even went to the point of thinking I would just quit dreaming. I probably day dream a little about my dream. I pray that it is connected to God. I know the ability comes from Him, but yet the dream is not moving very fast.

When I am frustrated about the progress, God always brings to mind His reassurance that he has my dreams under His control. He cares about everything else in my life. He cares about my problems, He allows trials for me to pass through, and He also holds my dreams. He cares about your dreams too.

One of my constant prayers is "God, break my heart for the things that break yours." I know there are days, moments that I miss the mark. I am not perfect. Not only can God reveal himself through the difficult times, but also through the growing, uncomfortable times, plus the "someday" moments. The direct route to my dreams may not be so straight, but His journey, where I discover His heart, is part of my dream and prayers.

That means that I will be going to some hurting places, places on the front of His heart. Changing to His dreams in my heart, so that I am more in tune with His dreams is part of this process. That's okay, there are some corners that need to organized.

What are your "someday" dreams?
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