Saturday, May 14, 2011

Insulated Awkwardness

God is bringing some truth into my life that i would like to avoid. These thoughts make me uncomfortable.

i am a little ashamed to say it....challenged.

i want to relent. i want to take a side path. i want look the other way, because being confronted with these insulated thoughts bring the awkward.

i certainly don't want to tell you about this stuff. That means exposure. And that is where the ugly comes to light.

It seems as if i have a billion bouncy ball thought processes reeking havoc in me.

"Do it afraid". i have been given what i need to do better. What's the next step?

Dare to share, don't hold it in, don't hold back.

Make it count, make a stir. It's enough. Impact.

"God's got this one just like He's had the last one"(Furtick).

What if i gave more? What if?

Buckle up, it's about to get bumpy. Do it "afraid"

Abandon to Me. I hold your dream.

Get past your past. He have given me a new name.

God is bringing truth, love and confidence to this journey. All His ways are good. Follow.

What is God showing you these days? How is He asking you to obey?

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