Thursday, May 26, 2011

When Faith and Facts Collide

Today on the news I heard an anchor talk about the man-hunt story of the missing 3-year-old Ryan Hamil. Two days later, after an EF-4 ravaged his home, he is still missing. The expanded search now includes more territory equipped with more eyes seeking this precious little soul. The newsman said awkwardly "So if you are a 'praying-type person', please do so." Pray. I was embarrassed for him.

Yes, I am "praying-type" person. I pray. I have prayed for the Hamil family. I have prayed for a miracle. I have prayed for God to intervene in their circumstance. Ryan's 15-month-old sister died from the tornado. His 5 year-old sister is recovering from injuries as a result from the storm too. Ryan's dad was out of town when this happened. Ryan's mom was doing the best she knew to take care of her family. I am sure she prayed at that moment, as she tried to shelter life with a mattress in a bathtub. Now the results are in God's hands.

I am a praying-type person. I believe in prayer not because of my words, but because of Who I pray to. I acknowledge that prayer is where the Power is. Prayer works! God works through prayer. God heals through prayer. He comforts, he shelters, he gives life through prayer. We should all be a "praying-type" people. What other options do we have? I only know of One who can fix.

Through prayer we align our hearts with God's heart. He leaves a piece of His heart with me when I pray. His fix sometimes doesn't come like we would expect. His answers comes in ways we can't understand. His Fix is what is needed in the Hamil's life, His Fix is what is needed in my life. This world needs His Fix. Let's all be praying type people.
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