Friday, May 27, 2011

Clean Up On Aisle 9.

Pictured is a piece of debris that is a result of the tornado that hit Guthrie, OK on May 24. Some of that debris is landing in my yard as I have picked up many pieces of odd and strange papers. This scrap is part of page 16 of a craft book. I think it's from the Guthrie library. Man... when I think about written pages ripped apart and shredded through a windy weather grinder, it's overwhelming to me. Someone slaved over these words.

What strikes me though is the section title. It says Creative Celebrations. Some of the Chapter titles include Cone Bunnies, Plastic Spoons Easter Eggs. A Lacy Baby Carriage. Interesting craft projects if you ask me. Who needs to know about chapter 2 though... "Necklaces, Ghosts And Hearts"? I am not sure why the writer would pair ghosts and hearts on a necklace or why anyone thinks that is a good idea. The combination is odd to me.

With the recent tornado recovery and storm damage that is being done, I can't help but think that God is blessing in spite of the destruction. One thing is when you see this type of destruction in property and loss of life, God's people come together for a common cause. The cause is restoration and compassion. I am blessed when God moves in the hearts of his people and there is one prayer. Also when God's people are moved to act on their faith and show responses to needs. That is faith, that is compassion.

Another aspect I see is that God works in midst of pain and suffering to bring an opportunity for a "creative celebration". The acts of kindness and compassion that happen out of tragedy is a celebration of God's handiwork. His love, mercy and grace displayed in our extension of compassion is priceless. That's my God, bringing something good out of what nature has destroyed. That's my God, using His people to be His heart as life "rains" down, being an instrument of His tender mercies on the "poor and needy" among us. Awesome celebrations indeed.

How are you seeing God in the recent storms? What aisle?

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