Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday [Blessings]

This week's song is currently played on My Praise FM.  It is written by Laura Story who also wrote "Indescrible", a song recorded by Chris Tomlin.  She has a way with words and in this song, hers speak to my heart.


We pray for blessings 
We pray for peace 
Comfort for family, protection while we sleep 
We pray for healing, for prosperity 
We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering 
All the while, You hear each spoken need 
Yet love is way too much to give us lesser things 

'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops 
What if Your healing comes through tears 
What if the thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near 
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise 

We pray for wisdom 
Your voice to hear 
We cry in anger when we cannot feel You near 
We doubt your goodness, we doubt your love 
As if every promise from Your Word is not enough 
And all the while, You hear each desperate plea 
And long that we'd have faith to believe 


When friends betray us 
When darkness seems to win 
We know the pain reminds this heart 
That this is not, this is not our home 


What if my greatest disappointments 
Or the aching of this life 
Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy 
What if trials of this life 
The rain, the storms, the hardest nights 
Are your mercies in disguise

Why does this song impact me?  I am living in the chorus.  My life has turned out different than expected.  When I was saying "I do", I didn't realize all that I was signing up for.  But because of His great love for me, I realize the life I am living now, is His plan and portion for me.  So every disappointment, every heartache, every trial, every dark day, every storm and hard night, are His mercies.  He imparts His grace through all of these and I have to see His blessing in each one.  As He hears each prayer, I am blessed that He gives me more than I can handle.  Through it all I know ...His "love is way too much to give me lesser things".    
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