Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Divers Not Allowed!

This warning label was printed on Mr. Avery's inflatable swimming pool.  The little 3' round summer delight has been the activity of choice because it's been 100+ temperatures the entire time he has been visiting from Colorado.  

I noticed this warning label on the side.  I read it out loud so 7-month-old Mr. Avery could know the rules. You see...he can't read.  Not yet anyway and I guess they expect the user of the pool to read the rules posted before entering the water.  I also told him there should be no running on slick surfaces.

With the 1.5 inches of water that is actually allowed, there will be no diving!! Of course I was really worried about him learning that...after all he is a whole seven months and kids are learning things so early these days.  BUT now the pressure is off of him learning how to dive at such an early age.  The official rules stand NO DIVING!  

Good thing there is a large black fill line line marked clearly, because I would have easily ran over the 3 inch inflatable ring pool edge.  Wasting water is critical these days and a precious commodity in the 100+ temps.  

It's a good thing there are so many rules.  Rules are obeyed....especially at Grammy's house.  Oh wait...no.... no they're not.  What happens at Grammy's stays at Grammy's. 
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