Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lesson from a Fanny Pack

Do you remember the awesomeness of the fanny pack?

Ever since the mission trip last summer to the Dominican Republic, I have been a fan of the fanny pack.  Andy Youso and I wore one every day like we were in some kind of New Kids On the Block Club.  I know what you are thinking....and they are not that bad.  They are quite functional actually.  They are perfect when exercising outdoors and you don't have any pockets for your keys and cell phone.

Yesterday, as I was rockin' my bright lime green fanny pack on the track, I noticed a hole in the bottom of it.  Anything I put into it would have eventually fallen out, given that it shifted to the left side.  I quickly abandoned that waist-wearing carry-all and set on my walk.

When I got to work I promptly put in the dumpster.  I thought I was done with it.  I then made the mistake and told Andy about it, who is a fanny pack collector from way back.  He said, "What about putting it in the Fanny Pack Hall of Fame?"  Yeah... he likes fanny packs soooo much, he does have a soon-to-be-a-hoarder-sized collection of man-sized packs.  I told him I had already thrown it away.  He said, "WHAT?"  I repeated myself and just a little louder (in case he didn't hear me).  His passion about the fanny packs drove me outside the dumpster to recover the well-worn accessory holder.

As I was using Brent's Vuvuzela to get it out (shhhhh don't tell him), God whispered in my ear..."I'm still in the restoration business".  I thought the fanny pack was toast.  I thought it had used up it's value.  But no, once I recovered it, God brought it to my attention, and reminded me that it still had a purpose.  Even with a hole in it.

I am weathering a personal situation at home in which this promise fits.  Restoration of what once was would be a great thing.  I believe that God can restore but when I don't see evidence of it for so long, I have the natural tendency to just give up hoping things will change.  I also have a the inclination that maybe God's non-activity brings a new plan to our white board instead of hoping for a restoration of the original.  This restoration is something I pray for daily and along with anticipated change.  I know He will restore..in His timing, in only a way that He can.  I believe, I hope, I wait for restoration.

2 Corinthians 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

What are you waiting for God to restore?

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