Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Note of Thanks

I got a note of encouragement today that really blessed my soul.  

"Dear Janelle,

Once again you have inspired me with your faithfulness.  Even through all of your insecurities and private despair, you still "Stand Strong." I look forward to the reading of the scriptures and the insights that you and Brent provide, both comical and serious.  Its been really rough these past few weeks at work and otherwise. I have been ready to give up but the words you both say about hanging in there and doing just one thing to change your life, is helping me to keep going. Without Gods strength, prayers of friends, and the encouragement that He is providing me through the McCoy in the Morning Show through the two of you, I would have given up.

My friend posted that in the refining process, in the midst of the fire, the refiner does not take his eyes off of the item in the fire. If he does the fire will destroy the item. He watches the burning away of the impurities until all that is left is the image of himself. I suppose that is where I am, in God's refining fire, burning away my own impurities until all that is left is His image. There have been lots of tears in this refiners fire. I want my life to be an encouragement to others. As of right now, I don't know if I am much of an encouragement to anyone. Where and what does God want me to do?

Keep on being God's positive voice to the listeners every day, like you do. Say a prayer for me as I continue to pray for you, the trip to Swaziland and the station as well. God Bless YOU and Brent too, of course.


Send a note of encouragement to someone today!  That is one thing we can do as brothers and sisters in Christ is to encourage the church!  You just never know how God will use your words to build His kingdom.

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