Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simple Math

Adding the numbers
I didn't pay attention in math class.   I really don't like to crunch numbers.  Maybe the real truth is I wish I cared more about math equations and calculations.  I admire those who have amazing math skills beyond my comprehension. 

There are other numerical conundrums that amaze me too.  It's the numbers that increase when the power of the gospel is combined with the power of prayer.  I call it the Ato41 principal.  

Let me take you there…. The room was electric that day when the Spirit whooshed in to fill the hearts and minds of those who gathered.  Different tongues were heard to the highest volume of praise.  There was so much noise that outsiders thought the crowd had drunk too much wine.  

Contrary to the obvious confusion, the day was Pentecost and the gospel message collided with seeking hearts.  It was fifty days since Jesus had rose from the dead.  People had returned to their normal schedule.  Blanks from their wandering minds had been filled in with the “we’ll never know what that was all about” answer.  But there were a few good men left to lead in faith by having hope in the promised Helper who was still yet to come and empower them to grow the church.  Thus, on this day of combined prayer, fasting and waiting, the Helper showed up and showed up big time.  As a result of all the words spoken that day, many numbers repented and many numbers were baptized.  Many, as in 3000, numbers were added to the faith fold that day.  In a matter of moments, numbers were added to take a step of faith.

Working in ministry with Christian radio, there are a lot of people who come up to me and say, "Thank you for what you do."  I don't do anything except remain faithful to the call God.  With your support, God gives the opportunity to speak to you with a word of encouragement.  I don't get caught up in the numbers of listeners on paper, or Internet stats.   But I do know that every listener is a number indicative of God's story.  

the number of...
lives impacted by the power of the gospel.
restored marriages.
dedicated dad's leading. 
loving mom's tendering.
missions extended.
wayward hearts returned. 

I am all about these numbers and so is God as he brings change.  I love to be involved in God's stories.    

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