Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jumping Over The Line

Jumping over the line
Recently, I made a lifestyle decision.  More about what decision it was in a later post.  One of the exercises my coach told me to do was to write down some ideas of what I wanted to accomplish.  In other words, she wanted me to write some goals.  "No problem" I I began to jot down some thoughts about the direction in which I was headed in the next few months.  I can surely write that....I had been down this road before and had done that several times.

I wrote them down but I didn't realize that I was setting myself up for failure...again.  I started with....  

I want to....
I hope to accomplish....
I will attempt to....

After I compiled my "want-to" list, I sent them to my coach friend.  She complimented me for high ideals and willingness to look forward but said "now change them to say 'I will' and 'I can'.  I thought...."how could I do that when I hadn't actually performed such tasks yet?"  

I dutifully changed the words and sent them back.  And that's when I began to smell it.      

Something snapped when I typed the words "will" in place of "want".  My determination was empowered.  My faith in my God-given abilities was bolstered.  My drive was deepened to visual positive changes.  I could see my specific dreams on a piece of paper and I saw success.  I could smell victory!  I visualized each one becoming a reality.  I WILL and I CAN, with God's help!!  

My heart-felt desires transformed to defined goals in mind.  With the exchange of a just a few words, I felt confident and encouraged to attain anything the sentences spoke.  The change in two words brought me to the line of commitment, and I forced myself to jump across it.  It was a wonderful feeling!

Hope was built in my heart with just a few positive and caring words from a friend.  She knew it would make such a difference and saw my potential.  The gap between where I saw myself and where I needed to be didn't seem so overwhelming.  Now this doesn't make it easy, it just makes in doable.  My dedication and commitment will definitely be put to the test.  Sometimes, God has you re-learn a hard life lesson just because His will is to teach you more.  My decision might not seem like much right now...but my "can and will" attitude makes all the difference in my world.  

In this will-vs.-want battle I will lay down my wants 
to willingly follow His plan.  

How about yours?  What goal have you achieved that meant a lot to you?   
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