Monday, September 24, 2012

Launch of Monday Mania - What's the Deal With #janellekeithquotes #462

"Which part of my weirdness do you want me to unload on you first?

Yup..great way to start this day..."#janellekeithquotes

If you follow me on Twitter, you might see my name pop up on a tweet in the form of some weird off the wall saying that usually doesn't make sense.  That is a view of my dark side.  Yeah I can say that about myself...this is my blog. 

I am really fulfilling Ryan Smith's dream of not holding back...he knows what I am talking about.  You might think I am daft.  (Yeah...look that word up people!)

This Monday Mania blog could cover a cacophony of words...meaning a train wreck of thoughts and words mixed in with humor.  

I am going to start using the #hashtag...#wordninja.  Are you ok with that?  Well..if not need to deal with that (You tube it!)  After viewing this tutorial....then you can enroll in the Brent McCoy School of Knowledge.

If you know me...this is what you get.  Weirdness.  You will have to figure out which kind of uniqueness though.  But when you go home...remember this...I am funny.  I am the funny one of this dynamic duo.  Not proud or's the opinion of the public.  Even Brent's triplets say so.  I have Brent in stitches off mic so many times.   Most of the stuff you hear from him is really mine.  Well, the stuff that's really funny and makes sense.  Yeah, I just said that.  Deal with it!

So like it or not, I can be really funny, and really inspirational, and really funny and inspirational at the same time.  Wait till you hear my road construction for dummies break!

One thing that God is teaching me is to be honest.  Now that might manifest (ooooh that's a big spiritual word for you....) itself in blogs and breaks...and both.  Hopefully it will take root and leave you wanting more.  That's really my goal is take your mind-meat, like Brain in the cartoon Pinky and the Brain.  I want to take over the post at a time.  One witty-spiritually-loaded comment at a time.  So you will keep coming back for more...of both.

So back to the #janellekeithquotes.  I have often thought about this idea...gathering up all my odd quotes and sayings and put them in a bound book.  Just so that I could look back and review the stuff that comes out of my mouth.

Brent and Andy (I call them my friends) both tell me that I should carry a tape recorder around so that I can listen back to what I say.  Mostly the #janellekeithquotes happen when I am not fully functioning on a full tank of coffee.  Remember this about me.  I.must.have.  Always.

Not kidding about the coffee.  There is a "before coffee" Janelle, and then there is an "after coffee" Janelle.  Let me save you a few steps....if you are unsure of talking to me...the VERY first question you should say, before "Good morning" or "Hello" or tip your hat my direction is..."Have you had your six cups of coffee yet?"  Don't accept...I repeat....don't accept any other answer than YES! Don't go there...don't!

I tell you these things for your own protection.

Remember this Monday...that I am the funny one.  Always.  Have a manic day.


Pam Worcester said...

I have actually been around you when you haven't had any coffee and you were okay! But, I understand. You have your IV of coffee, I have my IV of diet coke! Love the new blog and the new look on the blog page!

LeeAnn said...

I definitely think the #janellekeithquotes need to be t-shirts! Let me know when I can buy one for my very own!