Friday, December 21, 2012

I Want to Remember This Forever

Dear God, it's me...again, your servant Mary.

Well, where should I start.  I want to write a 1000 sentences all at once.  And yet, I can't seem to get all of the words out.  You know the Something unbelievable that happened today. I just don't think I can really describe it.  Certainly, each time, my eyes get misty and my heart flutters. 

I so want to remember this moment forever.  

I never would have thought ...that my "someday" dreams of becoming a mom...are going to finally happen. I guess I didn't think it would come After all, I am only engaged to my love Joseph. But God the way you sent your stunning messenger, well was all just a such a "Surprise Me God" moment.

I want to remember Gabriel's bright shining gleam forever.

It's almost unbelievable really this whole matter.  When I told Elizabeth, there was something in her eyes and voice that confirmed that this wasn't just a baby. This was something she needed to hear too.  This baby will be great, a King, a Prince.  And God, with those thoughts, I am overwhelmed.  I am speechless yet overflowing with joy that I have never felt before.

I am giving birth to a King. Oh my....

I want to remember this heart feeling forever, this moment of awe, of joy, of anticipation of greatness.  
When Hope comes, I want to be ready. There is so much to do. Breathe..Mary...Breathe...

I almost think I should be having a meltdown right now, I mean seriously the angel Gabriel said You were with me and "nothing is impossible", but exactly how is this "overshadowing" thing work? It sounds like such a miracle!  I just don't get it. If it hadn't been such a "burning bush moment", well I would have thought I was imagining the whole thing.

Oh God, remember your servant.....I am only thirteen.

I will have to admit, when the angel said I was highly favored! it was like You were melting my heart. Is that okay that I say that? And I have really heard You speak to my heart in Your tender voice, I heard from you just this morning.  And that sunrise ...sooooo beautiful!! 

I want to remember this forever....

When the words of 'favored' spilled out..God, You brought to mind the promise in Jeremiah 32:39 "I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me..." Singleness in my heart, my devotion and dedication, singleness in action would mean that all those times that I obeyed You, You noticed.  I really didn't know that you were watching me so close God, but I like it. 

I want to remember those words....highly favored by the Holy One. 

What are people gonna think? I am not married, and when this baby starts to grow I will be....noticed.  I know.... I will ask Joseph, he will believe me...oh God..he will believe me won't he? Wait till I tell Joseph the baby's name...he will love it...

Jesus, the Son of the Most High.
I want to remember his face forever when I tell him that name.

And when Joseph hears that this baby will reign over the house of Jacob forever; and that His kingdom will never end?  I am not even sure what all that means, but I am excited to share with my beloved. Oh my heart wants to sing this song forever. 

What love is this that comes in the form of a tiny baby, when Hope comes down, in the flesh and favors this humble servant.  Again, my heart overflows with worship now.

Oh, God steady my heart. It's so full.
I want to remember this forever. 
I want to remember that my Forever started here. 
I want to remember this Hope moment, when "Salvation is writing a song"
I am giving life to Hope.

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