Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In An Instant Our Security Crumbles

Light in the dark

If you have been watching the news lately, there has been some very disturbing news of a school shooting that stole the lives of little innocence.  In an instant,  normal worlds were changed forever.

In an instant our world was changed forever.

It became real to me as I was wrapping some gifts this weekend that there would be some  gifts under Christmas trees this year that will be unopened.  Unwrapped memories.  

When I thought about the loss of life of vibrant children, it always moves me to become unwrapped emotionally.  I was undone with raw emotions as I thought about how in an one act, an instant, our life can change ...just.like.that.

Life is a gift to enjoy.

Why does it take a horrible tragedy to make us come to grips with this reality?  Why does our own mortality feel out of control at this moment?  All of a sudden an argument about a $20 frying pan isn't important.

The violent act of one man, changed the future of a school, the landscape of a community's heritage.  In one instant, he fed his anger and acted on a really bad decision.  Evil exists in this world because people make bad choices.   And sometimes their bad choices change our forever....in an instant.

But God....

Let's talk about hope, because that is a more happy subject.  And it heals our hearts as we focus on God in the stillness of our forevers being changed.

At the end of last Friday, God was still God.

God knows, God is.

God is not dead nor can He be a victim of any gun shooting or violent act.  God doesn't leave us alone nor does he cause this kind of evil act.

God protects, and intervenes and is good.  God is enough and able.  Always.

God indeed knows all.  His mercies are still new every morning, and in an instant He forgets your sins as soon as it leaves your lips.

God restores broken relationships and broken hearts.  God heals our wounds.  God lifts those who are crushed in spirit and feeling very low or sad.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  Ps. 34:18

God is trustworthy and faithful and in an instant, when you call on His name, He hears your cries and collects your tears.

So when, in an instant our safe little world is threatened, don't run away from the very One who can hold you your heart steady during these insecure times.  Nor don't blame God for any evil that has happened to you or that you see on the nightly news.

God is good because it's His character, He loves.  Love wins.

Be the light that people are looking for in this dark and insecure time. God's light will prevail.

Light triumphs over dark. Every.time.  Instantly.

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