Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just Maybe Out of Your Clutter

Whew...out of the clutter of 2012, I am finding simplicity.  Out of the clutter of my mind being weighted with 30 extra pounds, I can see things more clearly.  Out of the clutter of trying to have many prayer filled conversations at one time, God is helping me see Him more clearly.

Out of the clutter of my heart...with so much...left to do here, 
I have a bigger awareness of God.

I start most conversations with the phrase "there are so many words I could say."  That's because I have I have about 10 conversations going on in my mind at once while at the same time about 20 conversations going on in my heart.  It's a clutter issue.

Let me back this cluttered blog conversation up.

Perhaps you noticed this blog has taken a serious tone for the worse or maybe you have noticed an improvement for the better.  And speaking of personally, God has narrowed the cluttered writing field down to one purpose.  My posts will be fewer each week, but hopefully (wishfully thinking) more meaningful.

2013 needs to be the year I get my hands dirty with the book(s) I want to write.  I have failed at my writing goals from last year.  I am overwhelmed with the idea of sharing my clutter with you.

It took a deep breath.....and lots of cluttered guts to just tell you that.  
This doesn't come easy for me.

What goals have you failed at or want to get your hands dirty with?  (My thoughts coming on dirty hands coming later...yes a tease to keep you coming back).

Take a look at your clutter from last year. Maybe, just maybe, your perspective of who God is and what kind of clutter you need to muddle through or get rid of, or better yet...change will come to mind.  

Maybe you will just notice the next sunset and think about your own clutter.  That's a bright spot in this post isn't it?  

"Out of clutter, find simplicity.  From discord find harmony.  
In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."  ~ Albert Einstein

I am excited about the 2013 year of clutter change.  There will be good clutter...full storms that God will bring this year.  As I pray for His best how can I NOT be excited about my clutter-free changes that are coming?

Dear God....bring the clutter!  I want to be YOUR BEST!  
Not perfect, just Your best.  You, of all, know what changes I need to make, and what changes are best for me.  And God, as you bring my clutter to the forefront, bring your wonderful grace to help me accept the difference.  

I am desperate to see God's grace in my own clutter.

Just maybe, you want changes for yourself.  Let me tell you, with the beginning of a fresh new year, full of potential, full of promise, full of God, full of a clutter free lifestyle...full of God's grace..... that is a great place to start.  Just maybe, today is the day you want to make one change.  

Just one.  Just start with one. 

Do you realize that by changing one thing a month you will have made 12 changes for a whole year by the end of 2013?  Just maybe... you can take a look at change in the midst of your own clutter.

Change for God's best will change you and it will bring life change.  Just start with one.  

Just start with the One.  

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