Thursday, March 14, 2013

Need Peace?

This is for those non-stop-merry-go-round type days that make you nauseous because the world is spinning around you or your head is spinning with chaos.
Or it's for your Thursday.
Or it's for that midnight call as you chase the ambulance to the emergency room.
Or maybe just today.
Saying God's words back to Him in prayer is powerful.  When trouble comes say this verse back to God
It helps today.
It helps on a Thursday.
It helps on those midnight ambulance chases.
It helps.  Notice it's a choice.
First you have to know where to find it, that peace drives out fear, and who holds the keys of peace.

The Prince of Peace holds the keys.

If you are looking for peace.
Next it requires you to participate.  Don't forget to bring your brain.
Next your heart is required to trust.  This is a game-changer.  NON-negotiable.
It helps if you do this.
On a Thursday.
It helps today.
It helps when you are chasing ambulances full of chaos.
It helps.
And when you find the Prince of Peace, guess what...keep yourself there.  
Stay.  When you find Peace stay here, stay there.  Train your eyes on the hands that hold the keys to peace.  Stay poised and relax.  Focus on peace.
Chaos and trouble lives out there and wants to chase you down the streets of life, you need to keep yourself tethered to the only and non-negotiable source of Calm that you can.  
Maybe you crave chaos, or want to spin out of control?  Put what little trust you have left into the hands of the Prince of Peace.  
Peace is needed to smooth out the rough corners of your heart.  Those shouting matches you like to have with the internal opponents.  Steadfastness, Power, Faithful Peace found in His trust vault.
Peace Power Verse:
Isaiah 26:3, "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." 
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