Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Small in a Big World

Orion standing bright in God's big sky.
"To make us feel small in the right way is a function of art; men can only make us feel small in the wrong way." E. M. Forster
Ever have that feeling of realizing you are a small fish in a big pond?   Yup, me too.  Every time I see a beautiful sunset or Orion's striking starry frame on a clear night's sky.
And then your mind drifts to the time that God involves you in something big that only HE could orchestrate.

I stand amazed at God in those moments.  I stand so small in his Bigness.  I stand so humbled in His Presence.

There are days when God and only God can ask you roll away the stones of unbelief, and guess what happens?  He shows up and rolls the stone away from your hearts door and reveals His glory to you, in a real and personal way.
This really happens.  It really happened to me.
Oh God, You are the Lord of Lords, the wonder of all creation, now and for always...You Are the wonder of your mighty works.  God you are my God and I will always praise you.
Jesus changes everything, and there is no greater mystery.  And when I recognize God and all of His wonderful works, I can't help but feel small.  Like a small guppy in a huge world of sharks.  Such a small one. 
Tiny fins moving against the current.
One enemy that I face on my daily lap is myself.  My ego.  That is being redefined as I submit to God's wonderful and sovereign authority.  I realize I am nothing without Him.

"On the other hand, the critic who seeks to beef himself up at our expense diminishes no one but himself." ~ Seth Godin

My feelings of self-worth are being redefined too, and there is holy value to be found in God's worth.  
This feeling of smallness gives me motivation to find God's hugeness.
Humbling yourself before a Mighty and Holy God will benefit in His self-worth.
Suddenly I have purpose, I have drive, I have motivation, I have the where-with-all to be a part of something bigger than I could ever imagine.  More than I could ever dream of, the God connections that matter, godly relationships and being a part of God's plans.  
God gives godly guts.
All from feeling small, all from submitting to His Authority, all from recognizing His Sovereignty.
All from obeying and modeling myself after the one and only Obedient.
There's an art form that comes from dancing with the Holy One.  The Big God that spins this universe,  grows our inspiration and desires us to be on His Huge Page of life.
Obedience brings direction to follow in His steps.  Obedience breaks resistance to my own self-will.  
Diminishes me.  Amplifies God.  

Proverbs 16:9 "In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."

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