Sunday, April 14, 2013

Get ready for an incredible journey!

Wendie Pett is a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, and teaches the care of mind, body and spirit, assisting others to learn the importance of reaching their full God-given potential through her Visibly Fit™ program. She joins Carder & Janelle on The House FM morning show on Monday to encourage us all to be healthy inside and out.  Find out more about Wendie at

Since it’s officially spring…we invite you to spring into good health seeking God’s best for you!  It’s nice to know that we are not in this journey alone, and let’s be honest, we all need a buddy when it comes to being healthy.  Wendie will be our personal cheerleader as she leads the way in helping us see our potential and get closer to our healthy goals. 

Sign up here to get Visibly Fit™ .  Monday is start day!  Here’s a sample of the daily encouragement that Wendie has to offer:

Your thoughts determine your actions…As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. SO…what small mental shift can you make this week? It can be as simple as eliminating the words dislike or hate from your vocabulary. Change “I hate exercising” to “Thank you Lord that I have the ability and opportunity to exercise.”

Are you a soda drinker? One 12 oz. soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. Let’s take a small action step this week.. Replace one soda with a water. Eventually building up to soda elimination.

No time for exercise? Set your alarm for each hour for eight hours…get in one exercise every hour!!! Exercise and its benefits add up even if you don’t do the moves all at one time. You’ve got to move to see results!

Psalm 37   “Trust in the Lord and do good!”
What simple act of kindness can you do today and each day this week?  Kindness is contagious! Smile, offer a helping hand, open the door for someone, take part in the drive through difference. Small things can make a big difference!  Random acts of kindness will take people by surprise, but what a great way to bring a smile or God’s love to otherwise stressful and busy life.  

Thanks for joining us and see you on Monday!
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